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QA and QC In Custom Software Development

Who finds the mistakes, errors, bugs in your custom software, and how they do it - it's all about the Quality Assurance and Quality Control testing

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Testing and Security of Custom Software | Tentacle's Guide to Custom Software

In this part of Tentacle's guide, we discuss how to make your cloud-based custom software bulletproof from hacker attacks.

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To Audit or Test?: Modern Approaches to Data Development

When your business generates load and loads of data in the course of its operations, you need specialized software, tinkered particularly to the data you get and the particular way it applies to your company.

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Database Vaccination

Our organisms are ready to withstand an enormous number of attacks from all kinds of viruses, bacteria, and other threats that could potentially destroy us. We have the immunity to all those things and we are always (hopefully) ready for them.

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Rarely does a job description say that if your colleagues hate you, chances are - you are doing your job perfectly. That is the case with testers – an echelon of stoics, ready to suffer for the sake of quality of the final product. They are the Spartans of software development.