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How to hire a software development company?

This short guide is aimed at establishing what custom software is, what to expect at every stage, how to notice red flags before its too late, how to choose between freelancers and corporate developers, and most importantly - do you even need it?

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Hiring Software Developers PART 2: Freelance vs Corporate Developer

In this part of our Guide to Hiring a Software Development Company, we will weigh in on the eternal debate between the corporate and freelance software devs.

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No code, RUST, SecOps, and more Top Trends in the Software Development Industry for 2021

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How we build trust during software development

Tentacle build long-term relationships with our clients and now we share our advice on how others can do the same

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QA and QC In Custom Software Development

Who finds the mistakes, errors, bugs in your custom software, and how they do it - it's all about the Quality Assurance and Quality Control testing

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Risk Of Being Cheap In Custom Software

The project that was initially priced low skyrockets 2-3 times over budget and will miss all possible deadlines. Naturally, the red flags where there from the beginning. Let's learn what they are and how to avoid them.