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Hackers sell 85K SQL Databases on Dark Web Market

85,000 SQL Databases Hacked and sold on Dark Web - How it happened? What to do? How to Prevent?

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Importance of Cyber Essentials in 2020

Getting a Cyber Essentials certificate not only protects your business from cyber crimes and malware, but it also makes your business verified and trustworthy. We discuss why it is important.

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Testing and Security of Custom Software | Tentacle's Guide to Custom Software

In this part of Tentacle's guide, we discuss how to make your cloud-based custom software bulletproof from hacker attacks.

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The more sophisticated the security measures, the more thought-through the precautions set up in your corporate database, the more challenges it invites.

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Assurance of trust

The importance of security when handling massive amounts of data cannot be stressed enough. When the reputations and the integrity of a company’s and its clients’ data is at stake, only the best providers will suffice.