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Ultimate Guide to Custom Software

This short guide is aimed at establishing what custom software is, how it is developed, why everyone has moved to the cloud already, what goes into the data security and privacy of custom software, and most importantly - do you need it?

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Custom software and B2B Apps | Tentacle's Guide to Custom Software

B2B apps were projected to grow and dominate. COVID19 made it a reality today. In this part, we discuss how B2B apps fit in with your custom software and how they differ from other apps.

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When Strategy Analytics predicted last year that growing demand will drive the B2B apps market to $140 billion, little did they know how many businesses will turn to remote work and frantically search for cloud-based B2B apps.

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Swiping Right (..for a Software Development Company)

The software development market is saturated with so many options that it can cause a panic attack when choosing between them. Before looking for a future long-term software provider for their company, a good manager must ask themselves - what defines a good software development house?

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The ability to evaluate the needs, set the goals, and quickly make decisions is a prerequisite for any business today. From grand corporate strategy to micromanaging daily processes, every day presents challenges require quick but informed decisions.

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Takeaway your Database System (not Getaway!)

We all spend a lot of time on our phones, and why not - there is an app for literally everything now. It became fashionable to bemoan the worldwide dependency on smartphones and how much time people spend on their phones –