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Latest News
Ultimate Guide to Custom Software

This short guide is aimed at establishing what custom software is, how it is developed, why everyone has moved to the cloud already, what goes into the data security and privacy of custom software, and most importantly - do you need it?

Latest News
What is "Custom Software"? | Tentacle's Guide to Custom Software

In this part, we will define “custom software”, why it is better understood in comparison to commercial off-the-shelf (or turnkey) software - your Adobe Photoshops and Microsoft Accesses, and what kind of business needs custom software.

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Custom software development cycle | Tentacle's Guide to Custom Software

Quality custom software works like a modern car - you don’t need to understand how the carburetor works to enjoy driving. At the same time, knowing how it works and gets made certainly won’t rob you of the joy of using it. 

Latest News
Why your custom software will be cloud-based | Tentacle's Guide to Custom Software

Depending on how you want the cloud solution to be utilized - as a software, a platform, or infrastructure, the pros and cons may vary, but we’ve gathered five main reasons why custom, cloud-based apps, and software databases are the way to go. 

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Issue of “too custom” Software | Tentacle's Guide to Custom Software

Inexperienced custom software developers often make the same mistake – spending so much time to understand how your client’s business operates, to comprehend the needs and wants of the staff only too make an unusable, "too custom" solution.

Latest News
The map to Big Data | Tentacle's Guide to Custom Software

Big Data is everywhere and your custom software solution has to handle it. In this part, we discuss how and why.