Our Services

Tentacle Solutions are a Scottish based software development team that design unique and innovative bespoke software programs to enable your business to move onwards and upwards.

Custom Database System

The heart of your business today, whether large or small, is a central point at which all of the necessary data is stored. Many businesses cannot function without that central data because it has been collated from years of business endeavours, clients, contacts and figures that the business has learned from and thrived on. Tentacle Solutions can help provide the right database for your company today.

Cloud Based Solutions

Over the last few years, Tentacle Solutions have started to deliver the most advanced database driven systems which are run on the cloud. A major advantage of this is that companies can roll out their new software immediately (no installation required) and not have to worry about upgrading their computers (if the PC can run a browser, it can run the new software).

Bespoke Software Development

Your software will conform to your business practise and needs, thus streamlining and enhancing your operation in terms of productivity, efficiency and profitability. Furthermore, we guarantee that software from Tentacle Solutions is developed to high standards to ensure that your custom design program is stable and optimised for performance.

Software Consultancy

Our consultant will be on hand for you to contact throughout the whole process just in case you think of anything else you need to incorporate. We also liase with you throughout the software development process to make sure that development takes all your software needs into consideration. Finally your consultant will send you daily End Of Day reports which contain notes from various developers and designers working on your project.

Hosting Solutions

Tentacle Solutions can offer to host your final custom database system on one of our servers we manage in our data centers. Your data will be held securely and backed up regularly. On top of that we guarantee 99% uptime as well as superior performance and load times. We optimise, monitor and maintain your server, ensuring it is totally secure, highly available and performance-tuned to your new application.

Software Expertise

Tentacle Solutions has been programming bespoke software for over 15 years. Founded in 2001, Tentacle Solutions has extensive experience within the software industry and will strive to provide business class software that will go above and beyond what it is required to do in every single aspect. We will always bring passion and attention to detail to every single piece of software that we program, and that passion cannot be rivalled.

Our solutions are
Mobile Responsive

There is no need to worry about having to develop expensive mobile apps which you will then have to convince your users to download. Our solution is developed using the latest HTML5 and CSS technology to produce beautifully responsive platforms.

All pages on your site will be designed and developed to work on all screens which includes desktop computers, Apple and Android tablets and mobile phones.


Admin Features

Our solutions come with powerful and market leading administration software. This secure gateway will give you a wealth of information about your new system anytime of the day.

Booking System

This Scottish based client is a market leader in home grown tour package holidays. They came to Tentacle Solutions via an agency because they desperately needed a system to replace their ageing Access database system they currently used. Due to their business expanding exponentially, the Access database system was creaking under the pressure.

The client had extensively researched all of the available off the shelf packages that would either plug into their existing Access database system or replace it with a system that would only partially cover their needs.

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This particular client was based in North West England and was actually an extremely successful lighting manufacturer. They came to Tentacle Solutions because they needed a system that allowed all aspects of the business to operate under one comprehensive system, thus making organization and coordination a whole lot easier.

The client had extensively researched all of the available off the shelf packages that boasted to offer such a system but they ultimately all failed to cover every aspect of the manufacturing business.

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The client for this particular project was a retailer based in Scotland. They wanted to centralise information about stock levels to make it accessible for anyone with appropriate security clearance to check levels as and when necessary. As such, they required a system that would securely allow the business to operate a stock control system that incorporated 3 or 4 depots as well as all of their shops throughout the country.

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The client in this particular case was an extremely affluent and distinguished gentleman that mixed in financial circles and had an awful lot of influence in the financial world. They had extensive experience of using financial systems but had not yet come across one that had all the functionality they needed to be able to conduct business as efficiently as was necessary for the smooth operation of his business. they required Tentacle Solutions to build a brand new .NET system that was to be based around an archaic system.

It was to enable them to keep track of his financial transactions, investments and other financial information that they needed for personal use. The information was present in that system but needed to be transferred into the new one that we were to design, build and develop.

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A large UK based pharmaceutical distributor came to us for a viable solution to an ongoing problem it had experienced in recent months. Our client was a national firm that distributed products to thousands of pharmacies in the UK and yet had no compact and versatile solution in place.

As such, it needed a system that could actively enable it to efficiently supply those pharmacies and keep records of transactions. They hope that the system would increase the productivity of its deliveries to the various small and large businesses alike so every single one of them received the merchandise they needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens next?

    Once we have understood your requirements we will send you a proposal with timelines and costs. If you are happy with this proposal then we will proceed ASAP. The first step will be to begin designing the system in the form of a Functional Document. This document once approved will ultimately act as a guide for our developers throughout the entire development cycle. Also the completed system will be tested against the specs laid out in this document.

  • How long will it take for us to take delivery?

    Depending on the size and complexity of the system this could be anywhere between 1 - 6 months from the Functional Document being approved.

  • Who will be our contact and what are your working practices?

    The project will be project managed by Sadia who has been managing our software development division for over 5 years. During development she will be the point of contact within Tentacle Solutions.

    The core development will be handled by both a senior developer and a junior developer.

    There will also be a senior designer working with the project manager initially to ensure the site is optimised for all screens and devices.

    The project will follow a finely tuned Tentacle Waterfall Methodology which has been used in house for over five years now.

  • When will you want payments?

    We are confident we can deliver a system that will not only cover every requirement it will also enable your staff to work in a productive manner.

    To that end we will only ask for payment for the core system at Stage C i.e. when you have had a chance to use AND APPROVE the system.

    The monthly payments will only be payable after Development has been completed.

  • Will I see the system in stages?

    The aim of our development will be to keep you updated at key stages of the development. When we visit after the functional document has been completed we will work out provisional dates we will visit during the development to demonstrate the system to yourself. At these key stages you will be able to give input as well as get a feel for your future system.

  • Will you keep us updated during development?

    Our goal is to keep you in the loop whilst we develop your system. To achieve this Tentacle Solutions will provide the following:

    • Daily email sent at the end of each day with project status (starts once development commences in Stage ??
    • Weekly email sent every Friday with programmer notes and either project downloads or screenshots
  • What if we need any changes after we go LIVE?

    As your company grows and diversifies so should your backend system. Tentacle Solutions will be on hand to offer solutions to your needs no matter how small or large the job may be.

  • Are we tied to Tentacle Solutions for our SQL database?

    Absolutely not! The advantage to developing on an ASP.NET/SQL platform is that you will be able to easily move your system to another provider. In order to facilitate this:

    • Your SQL Database tables and functions will be delivered to your new host
    • All code will be made available to your new developers via FTP
    • Any assistance in transitioning the site will be made available
  • Why do you do this?

    This is your site therefore all code, data and graphics belong to yourself your system being LIVE and operational is the bigger picture here.