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Tentacle Solutions is a Scottish software development team that designs unique and innovative bespoke software programs to enable your business to move onwards and upwards.


Clients, contacts, years of endeavours and figures that you learned and thrive on are the heart of your business. You need them all in one place – a single, lean, database responsive to how you do business. And Tentacle Solutions will provide it for you.


Upgrading your hardware and worrying about how to install the new database are outdated. Tentacle Solutions’ systems are up in the cloud and if you can read this page – you can run your new software.


When developing Access, they didn’t have your business in mind. We do. Your system’s life-goal would be to streamline and enhance your productivity and efficiency, and guarantee. We guarantee its stability and performance so you can concentrate on your business.


From the initial meeting, updates during the development, to your day-to-day operation – our consultants are always there to support and maintain your experience with our system, always ready to tweak and upgrade whatever you require.


When you host all your data under one roof, it is vital that it is secure, is always up, and loads at lightning speed. When you host your new database, we guarantee a 99% uptime, regular backups, and easy monitoring – nothing gets lost with us.


We at Tentacle Solutions have been programming bespoke, business-class software and databases for eighteen years, and for most of our clients we are the last provider and developer they will ever need.

Tentacle Customers


Admin Features

Our solutions come with powerful and market-leading administration software. This secure gateway will give you a wealth of information about your new system anytime of the day.

Case Studies


Rocking solutions for manufacturing

ACDC - lighting manufacturer from North-West England, - came to Tentacle Solutions when they needed to organize and coordinate their business efficiently under one comprehensive system. Our system had to take care of every aspect of their business - maintaining stock levels, number of sales, and the level of production, thus allowing feedback at all stages of the process. During our visits to the client’s premises, we concentrated on their manufacturing process. As a result, we produced a .NET software system that covered every stage and aspect of their business, making it smooth, accessible, and efficient.

We worked with Tentacle over a period of 6 months to develop our new database systems. Very happy to recommend
Eddie, ACDC


Travelling from Access to SQL

Easyways Walking Scotland, - a Scottish client, came to us through an agency after desperately looking for options to replace their old, creaking Access database. Tentacle Solutions assessed the client’s issues and realized that the client needed to solve Access database issues and be able to handle the complexities of the future growth of their business. Tentacle Solutions’ team delivered a web-based SQL-driven database system. It included a client-side system, connected to the new invoice system,developed, and tailored to their business model, with an innovative personalised Google Map screen for every client.

I would emphasise that at all times Zarrar and his team progressed the work and resolved problems in a very positive and polite manner. I would highly recommended Zarrar, Sadia and Tentacle as a whole to anyone who requires a comprehensive management system for their business operation
Andrew Fernie EasyWays Walking Scotland


Taking financing from Access to SQL

PAIS – an influential member of the financial world. They were looking for one that combined all the functionality of different products and allowed to keep track of transactions, investments, and personal information smoothly and efficiently. Tentacle Solutions’ team researched the 200 varied functions of the client’s archaic systems. Since they all had to be transferred without losing any of their functionality. As a result, Tentacle Solutions delivered a Windows .NET executive desktop solution that allowed central governments, NGOs, and banks to liase with each other with unprecedented efficiency.

Tentacle have brought their much needed database knowledge to our project. Happy to recommend.
Alberto, PAIS


Distributing stock data to the Cloud

A retailer from Scotland needed to centralise the stock levels data of four depots and all the stores around the country while making it accessible to anyone with appropriate clearance. Our team visited client’s main shops and depots to understand their business processes and establish the security levels required. As the result, Tentacle Solutions delivered an online .NET system that added more functionality than was expected and which resulted 25% more accurate data reports than before.

Tentacle went beyond the call of duty with our new database systems. We will be rolling the system out into all our sites very soon.
Michael, United


Smooth pharmaceutical distribution

A large UK-based pharmaceutical distributor requested us to build a system for efficient supply management of their pharmacies around the country and keeping transaction records. Tentacle Solutions software development team visited six different pharmacies, established their business process to create an accessible system and would compile comprehensive reports. Tentacle Solutions delivered a Windows .NET executive desktop system that allowed the pharmacies to work on a new and intuitive platform and be able to transfer information as required, with regular backups and secure access.

Quick and efficient development
Edward, ECDR

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens next?

    Once we have established your requirements we will send you a proposal with timelines and costs. If you are happy with it - we will proceed ASAP. The first step will be to begin designing the system in the form of a Functional Document. Once approved, Functional Document will ultimately act as a guide for our developers throughout the entire development cycle. The completed system will be tested against the specs laid out in this document.

  • How long will it take for us to take delivery?

    Depending on the size and complexity of the system this could be anywhere between 1 - 6 months from the Functional Document being approved.

  • Who will be our contact and what are your working practices?

    Sadia, who has been managing our software development division for over 5 years, will be your point of contact with Tentacle Solutions. Both our senior developer and a junior developer will handle the core development. There will be a senior designer working with the project manager initially to ensure the site is optimised for all screens and devices. The project will follow the fine-tuned Tentacle Waterfall Methodology which has been used in-house for over five years now.

  • When will you want payments?

    We will only ask for payment for the core system at Stage C i.e. when you have had a chance to use AND APPROVE the system. The monthly payments will only be payable after Development has been completed

  • Will I see the system in stages?

    We always keep you updated on the key stages of the development. After the Functional Document has been completed, we will work out the provisional dates we have to meet during the development to demonstrate the system to you. At these key stages, you'll be able to give input as well as getting a sense of your new system.

  • Will you keep us updated during development?

    Our goal is to keep you in the loop whilst we develop your system. To achieve this, Tentacle Solutions will provide the following: Daily email sent at the end of each day with project status (Specify the stage, please. Also greyed-out text is barely readable against the white background) Weekly email sent every Friday with programmer notes and either project downloads or screenshots

    • Daily email sent at the end of each day with project status (Specify the stage, please. Also greyed-out text is barely readable against the white background)
    • Weekly email sent every Friday with programmer notes and either project downloads or screenshots
  • What if we need any changes after we go LIVE?

    As your company grows and diversifies so should your back-end system. Tentacle Solutions will be on hand to offer solutions to your needs, no matter how large or small the job may be.

  • Why do you do this?

    This is your site therefore all code, data and graphics belong to yourself your system being LIVE and operational is the bigger picture here.

    • Your SQL Database tables and functions will be delivered to your new host
    • All code will be made available to your new developers via FTP
    • Any assistance in transitioning the site will be made available
  • Why do you do this?

    This is your site therefore all code, data and graphics belong to yourself your system being LIVE and operational is the bigger picture here.