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Holding The Reins of Your Data

How not to get tangled up in SaaS predatory data policies?

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How Custom-built Software Boosts Business Growth

Let's see custom-built software helps businesses switch from working the way their software works to doing business the way their customers need

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Outsourcing Custom Software Development: The Key to Success

How outsourcing will your business in these challenging times and allow for faster data flow and quicker access to the latest technologies.

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Custom-built software or No-Code – Which is Better?

Let us compare different aspects of custom software vs. no-code software and figure out what is best for you

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Issue of “too custom” Software | Tentacle's Guide to Custom Software

Inexperienced custom software developers often make the same mistake – spending so much time to understand how your client’s business operates, to comprehend the needs and wants of the staff only too make an unusable, "too custom" solution.

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You can’t cram success. Fast and cheap can’t be good and we all have to accept it. Yet for years part 1 managers make short-term investment decisions based on their biases and stubborn misunderstanding of economics and their financial situation.